Christian Preschool Nursery was establish in 1983. We are a Christian based preschool and nursery that provides daily childcare for children 6 wks to 12 years of age. All children are welcome and will be served according to availability. The children are in classrooms along with others their own age. All teachers interact with the children through out the day. We serve breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack and use the A-BECKA- CHRISTIAN curriculum. We introduce this at 6 months of age, involving finger plays, music and hand and body movement.

We strive to develop the child intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually through structured instruction. Our preschool operates as a non-profit, non-discriminatory organization. We encourage parent participation in the classroom on a regular basis to observe their child interacting in the classroom and to share learning experiences with their child outside the home.